Corvallis 2019 Alt Yearbook

The theme for 2019 was Natures Enduring Patterns as a Path to Systems Literacy. A contributing factor to the theme was the work of Dr. Len Troncale.on Systems Process Theory that was described in a compilation of his work called Natures Enduring Patterns.
Len Troncale Natures Enduring Patterns
The 2019 President was Peter D Tuddenham. In his plenary he spoke to the conference theme and also highlighted the current condition of ISSS and suggested actions if it is to have a viable future.
Professor Michael Jackson reiterated and reinforced the current need for Critical Systems Thinking and also agreed that we need Systems Literacy
Prof Michael Jackson
Prof Martin Storksdieck spoke to the need for STEM education
There were several presentations from colleagues of Peter Tuddenham who are and have been key leaders in ocean, climate, network and data literacy actions in the USA.
Sarah Schoedinger from NOAA and former President of the National Marine Educators Association descirbed the Ocean Literacy project that began in 2000
Gail Scowcroft, Executive Director of the Consortium for Ocean Exploration and Engagement spoke of the need for Global Ocean Science education
Gail Scowcroft
Frank Niepold, Climate Educatorn Manager from NOAA spoke on Climate Literacy and the need for Systems Literacy
Frank Niepold
And to round out the literacy talks Steve Uzzo and Catherine Cramer spoke to Data Literacy and Network Literacy
Steve Uzzon and Catherine Cramer
The Ranulph Glanville Lecture was given by Pille Bunnell who reflected on the conference as a whole.
Pille Bunnell