Corvallis 2019 Speakers


Speakers, Workshops, Sessions and Links to Websites

Thursday 27th June 2019

Introductory workshop - Peter Tuddenham, La Sells Conference Center, OSU 2 pm to 5 pm

Opening Reception in LaSells Conference Center, 6 pm to 9 pm

Registration will be open from 2 p.m in LaSells Conference Center Lobby


Friday 28 June 2019  - Ways of Knowing

Introductions to Conference, Whole Systems, Native Systems, Systems Literacy, Next Generation Science Standards, Systems Sciences Theories and Applications

Saturday 29 June - Ways of Developing Literacies
Inspiration: Successes of Literacy Projects


Sunday 30 June - Natures Enduring Patterns
Nature, Patterns, Languages, Inspiration and Ideas

  • Len R. Troncale, Bertalanffy Lecture, President ISSS 1990, Professor Emeritus, Past Chair, Dept. Biology, Founding Director Emeritus, Inst. for Advanced Systems Studies, Lecturer, Systems Engineering Grad Program, California State Polytechnic University
  • Michael Mehaffy,   Senior Research Affiliate, KTH University, Stockholm, Executive Director, Sustasis Foundation
  • Peter Corning, President ISSS 1999, Institute for the Study of Complex Systems. "Building a Superorganism: A New Paradigm for the Era of Climate Change".
  • Plenary Participative Workshop
  • SIG Sessions
  • Systems Research Workshop
  • American Cybernetics Society Workshop
  • ISSS Council Meeting

Monday 1 July  - Education and Outreach
Opportunities for Engagement and Participation

Recognizing Canada Day

  • Bob Cavana - School of Management, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
  • Martin Storksdieck, Director, Center for Lifelong STEM Learning, Oregon State University
  • Frank Niepold, US Climate Literacy Program Manager - NOAA
  • William Smith, ODII
  • Plenary Participative Workshop
  • SIG Sessions
  • Systems Literacy Workshop
  • Conference Dinner

Tuesday - 2 July - Cybernetics, Directions, Reflections,  

  • Stuart Umpleby - Professor emeritus in the Department of Management at the George Washington University in Washington, DC. International Academy for Systems and Cybernetic Sciences.
  • Pille Bunnell - Ranulph Glanville Lecture
  • Student Reports
  • AGM
  • Peter D Tuddenham, College of Exploration, President, ISSS Wrap Up Summary 
  • Shankar Sankaran - Incoming Presidential Address
  • Annual General Meeting of the International Society for the Systems Sciences
  • SIG Sessions Reports


American Society for Cybernetics Conference.

Please note that if you are coming to Corvallis you may wish to know that the American Society for Cybernetics is meeting in Vancouver, Canada the weekend before ISSS and you could attend both if funds and times permit. More details on their website.