Saturday Sessions Recordings 2020-2021

Saturday Zoom Sessions Recordings 2020-20
Saturday 15 Aug 2020 - Advancing Systems Science(s)
Facilitator Howard Silverman
Speakers: George Mobus, Len Troncale, John Kineman
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Saturday 22 August 2020
Facilitator Peter Tuddenham
Debora Hammond on Paradigms and Practice: Reflections on Systems Philosophy
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Saturday 29 August 2020
Facilitator Allenna Leonard
Alexander Laszlo and William Smith, SIG Chair for Leadership and Systemic Innovation Handover
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5 September 2020 
Facilitator George Mobus
Presenter Robert Johannson: Decision Making and Communication

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12 September 2020
Cycles - Tyler Volk and Gary Smith
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Saturday 19 September 2020 Cycles and Organization and Social Systems
Dr Olaf Brugman
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