ISSS Futures

ISSS Futures
Futures Report
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This report presents ideas on how the International Society for the System Sciences and its members may contribute to our future world to the benefit of all.  Our intention is to share ideas and some concrete options to the ISSS to continue to realize its purpose and to seek positive impacts through promoting, convening, attracting, facilitating and connecting systems scientists, engineers and practitioners. As there are numerous ways to use the knowledge, methods and tools brought to the benefits of future generations, we do not pretend to be complete or to represent all relevant angles to our challenge.
Our analysis and proposals aim to inspire ISSS as a collective in finding purpose and a strategy to use its influence and support system scientists to apply their knowledge to a sustainable future. They have emerged from events and conversations convened by the International Society for the System Sciences (ISSS) and its members. 
11 July 2020 ISSS Future Design Document
Chat Log
27 June 2020 ISSS Future and SIGs Presentation and Consultation  from ISSS "Leadership"
Update 16-17  June 2020
George Mobus hosted a webinar to propose using a method to do a deep analysis of ISSS. More details on this link.
May 2020
From February through June 2020 the ISSS Saturdays sessions discussed many issues related to the future of ISSS. Most of them can be found on the page related to System Science Integration Workspace.
Update 3 August 2019
There have been three follow up meetings on Bluejeans on 31 July, 1, 2, August. Notes to be published.
Update after ISSS 2019 Conference
There were a number of meetings and discussions on ISSS Future at the 2019 Conference and Annual Meeting in Corvallis. A group of 10 met on the Thursday afternoon before the conference began. During the one hour of plenary workshop held for three days attendees gathered and discussed the ISSS Future with Mike Jackson facilitating.  On the afternoon of the conference after the official meeting has ended over 30 members gathered to share ideas and commitments to action.  Notes to be published here.
Uodate 18 May 2019
Over the course of 7 months from December 2018 to June 2019 Members of ISSS from around the world have met on a Saturday morning in conversations on a video meeting platform Bluejeans. The conversations have been about ISSS, its vision, its mission, its goals and objectives and its Special Integration Groups. This section of the website will serve to document those conversations. These pages will also document visions of ISSS Futures.
Models of SIG Relations
Saturday Session on SIG Relations
Combined Powerpoint
One persons integration of all relations and models
January Survey on Vision for Systems Sciences
Conference Planning Survey
Update April 2019
As a result of the surveys earlier in the year ISSS Member Tom Marzolf volunteered to work with the President of ISSS to develop a strategic plan for ISSS. He suggested using a the Business Motivation Model 
which is from the Object Management Group
A very early incoplete draft was developed in April. The intent is to complete a draft for review after the 2019 Conference.