Structured Deliberations

A number of ISSS members are engaged developing the process of structured deliberations.  There is a rich history within the systems community. this page is being developed.  To contribute or learn more email me Peter Tuddenham email  webadmin at
Building on the work of John Warfield (ISSS President 1982) Attacking Complex Problems,   Aleco Christakis (ISSS President 2002),    System Concepts by Joe and Mary Simpson, Kevin Dye, Tom Flanagan, Kenneth Bausch, Yannis Laouris
An Assault on Situational Complexity: Alexander Christakis and Maria Kakoulaki" presented on 16 January 2021.
Joe and Mary Simpson You Tube Channel
Future World   Examples from Future Worlds Projects
Weekly meetings on Saturdays on this topic are organized by Kevin Dye
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10 April 2021 The Structured Dialogue Experience of Dr. Roxana Cárdenas
12 April 2021
Invitation to Deliberation on Systems Literacy
Community Conversation 16 January 2021

Group Conversation 3 October 2020
Group Conversation 5 September 2020